Affect attunement and right brain processing

As I study the latest edges of psychobiological development via Neurobiology, I am taken to see that we are imprinted with the dyadic impressions of our earliest interactions with our primary care givers. As infants we grow through the experience dominant right brain, as the left comes fully online from two years old onward. Taking this idea through the life time of development, I am wondering if we are imprinted continually throughout all ages. So during the teen years we are imprinted by the complex weaving of our deep intersubjective core self and the socialization process of attaching to adolescent peers, subculture identities, music, etc. Further into our twenties we are again imprinted by leaving the family to create our autonomy. These imprints are deep unconscious, right brain, implicit forces that effect our deeper emotional life. Leading us to live out in a variety of ways, with a variety of choices all governed by the implicit impressions of our emergence from infancy to adulthood and onward. Without Somatic awakening these deeper implicit forces will make choices through us as core reactions and hungers. What I am thinking is that without self knowledge in the form of an ever increasing felt sense through the introception of the nerves of our internal physical life, we are at the whims of impressions and culture. Thus the way to autonomous interdependency, full human-hood, loving and deeply gratified beings, is to fully process these impressions. I think these deep impressions are most likely a cause of deep dissociation and muscular numbness, which leads us to collectively believe we are our thoughts and superficial identities. Yet lying underneath this superficial self is the deep fulfillment of living in our core perceptual truth of deep embodiment. What seems to prevent the full expression of this core self is both social forces ruling the impressions through absurd and unspoken taboos and a deep fear of loosing the identity that we do have. The fear of loosing this identity is wrapped up with the deep fear of feeling our most deepest emotions: grief, terror, shame, and oddly enough pleasure. This collective quagmire is promoted and supported by most of us. I would like to support an inner-revolution, not based on a switch of power structures, or financial, or philosophical ideas, but rather an emotional freedom to feel as a sentient aware conscious being

Studies on Persuasion

This is great insight into how people sell us stuff we dont need

Integral Life

Bring awareness to perspectives: The world is a vast terrain of perspectives and potential perspectives. However, perspectives alone exist in a state of confusion, crashing into one another in cycles of mindless conflict. Awareness is the act of holding multiple perspectives in a space that nurtures their value and constrains their short-sightedness. Such a space allows depth to emerge in our understanding and actions.

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