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Somatics as a response to our times

I just posted a video on exponential change. In the face of these facts, Somatics is a profound response to our world and its change. Right now our human soul/being/body is being asked some very deep questions about our future as mammals and as embodied beings. These questions have never had to be asked prior to this time, as we have never seen such an exponential technological advance. With technology merging quickly with our lives we are facing a continual mechanization of all that is human and so our stirrings are now being felt collectively in that our webs of interconnection are now feeding us more than ever before. Somatics is a response to these questions; return to the body. We support the process of revealing what has previously been unconscious conscious and in this act we once again reclaim our deepest most ancient birth right, that of the experience of our interiority and our felt sense. This return is simple, obvious, ever present, and healing. In the face of dynamic change a return to the soma is a powerful response.

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Evo Devo Universe

I just recently read the 40 page document downloadable from the PDF link below. It proposes a new emergent model of the universe that has multiple implications for us all. Being a Somatic therapist and educator I am particularly interested in this model because it has many discussions surrounding biology and embodiment. I am finding that acceleration waves are occurring in the media/web realm that are consistent with exponential growth statistics found all over the internet with regard to increasing change and novelty found in our collective experience on the planet at this particular time period. What this looks like to me is that we are rapidly approaching a very dynamic shift in our social consciousness whose future is to be determined by our capacities to respond in more integrated and nor ordinary ways. I find that Somatics is a deep response to the need to bring to consciousness our most human attributes; care, connection, compassion, integrity, courage, innovation, love, stress, relationship, physiological interconnection, breathing, presence, child rearing, etc. So much of our human experience has remained unconscious, yet at this time we are at a point where our species can be self aware and to move along a continuum of awareness. To become aware of our mammalian nature may be the most vital source of change as the variety of powers attempt to appropriate and colonize our consciousness.


Electromagnetic Fields and Somatics

Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Perhaps this is what we are experiencing, as the Heart picks up, perceives and produces electromagnetic fields. We are fine tuned antennas of awareness. Our moods, thoughts, and emotions flow out of us first as electromagnetic information. All of our bodies are in a sea of instantaneous communication with each others fields. Yet through multiple generations of terror, war, famine, propaganda, etc, we have developed a powerful armor to the perception of electromagnetic information. This armor is in the form of disassociation, narcissism, and physically holding and producing cortisol.

Black Rain: Solar Storm Footage

Black Rain from Semiconductor on Vimeo.