Embodied Relational Therapy

This is an author I love and respect. His work is accurate and has influenced my own thinking.

Interview with author on Neuroplacity


Heart transplants and New memories


On heart transplants and their recievers new memories.

Interview with Alan Schore


"There is a movement now in all psychotherapies into the importance to really have any form of change of having an emotional experience in time with the therapist perhaps even directed towards the therapist. A key to that is that the patient must have a felt experience of his own body, as well as more of an intense reflective capacity about how he is emotionally relating to other people."

pod cast on cultural creatives: paul ray



Somatic Leadership

Somatic Leadership
Lets us assume that the Western Psyche is maturing into a perspective of interdependence. This interdependence is seen in multiple dynamic contexts from the personal to the communal. Change within this maturing perspective needs a new form of leadership with a very different orientation marked by ones ability to feel, see, and relate to how the personal and the communal are woven and thus participate with this present time dynamic in such a way as to foster this very orientation and awareness in others. This begins through Leadership practices that illuminate our own personal values-intentions-actions and how these are embodied actions that are either in line with the communal or in discord with the communal. Through Somatic Leadership processes we discover and practice present time dynamics that create and generate our mutual interdependent experience of reality.